Oracle on AWS

Whether you’re running Oracle ERP applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, or other Oracle applications including OBIEE and Hyperion, or even if you have Oracle Databases, moving to the AWS cloud will reduce costs.



You can avoid a costly hardware refresh, improve backup and recovery and create a test/dev environment that is flexible and highly scalable.

As an AWS premier partner and an Oracle platinum partner, Onfinitive Technology is the most experienced and qualified IT services company to help you with the migration and management of your Oracle footprint to the AWS cloud.

Onfinitive Technology’ Oracle ERP Migration and Hosting Service delivers:

  • Lower cost of ownership compared to on-premises or traditional hosting solutions
  • Robust performance to meet complex business operations
  • Strong security solutions on the AWS cloud to meet industry regulations
  • Improved reliability and availability compared to traditional hosting solutions
  • Faster and less costly backup and recovery
  • Flexible and scalable test/dev environments

The Onfinitive Technology solution includes:

  • Assessment of the existing Oracle applications, database and hardware implementation and the development of a roadmap to migrate everything Oracle to the cloud
  • Design of the AWS cloud infrastructure with the server instances, storage and network, to optimize performance, cost and security
  • Migration of the existing Oracle applications and data to the AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud Managed Services to manage and operate the Oracle environment on AWS

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