Managed AWS Cloud Services


Deploying IT infrastructure in the cloud might lead to uncontrolled cost increases as a result of the proliferation of server instances, the over provisioning of computing power and a lack of governance and control. Scalability of servers and storage can also be difficult to achieve which can result in a poor user experience if applications are unavailable or deliver slow response times.

Solution – Onfinitive Technology Cloud Managed Services Framework


Onfinitive Technology is a leading provider of cloud managed services, one of a few companies with the coveted Managed Services Partner certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Onfinitive Technology Cloud Managed Services Framework includes the following elements:

  • Strategy and Design
    Onfinitive Technology consultants will help you develop your cloud strategy and develop a detailed design the infrastructure you will need for your applications on the AWS cloud.
  • Build and Run
    We will build your cloud infrastructure based on the design we created above and we will migrate all the applications and data you require in the cloud. Our consultants will monitor and run the cloud infrastructure responding to all events and resolving issues quickly.
  • Governance and Control
    Onfinitive Technology will work with you to create a suitable governance plan for your cloud infrastructure. We will optimize your cloud infrastructure for cost and performance. We will monitor your cloud infrastructure and regularly report on performance, cost and problems encountered, if any. We will also manage security and control all IDs and access to your cloud infrastructure.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Once your cloud environment has been successfully established we will work with you to continually improve cost, performance, and security. Without automated monitoring tools we can identify cost savings and performance improvement opportunities and implement them rapidly. As the AWS cloud evolves, we will guide you and help you to adopt the latest innovations.

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