Onfinitive Tehcnology is a global IT services company that enables organizations to implement, adopt and manage Oracle Applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Salesforce,Analytics and Integration solutions. We partner with our customers to enable their journey to the cloud and deliver continuous business improvement with our managed services.

Onfinitive Technology’s goal of becoming the world's leading Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence company. For the first few years, we achieved this through the projects we delivered, our blog and community contribution.

The market began to change quickly. The rise of open source, big data technologies gave us more possibilities for processing and storing data; the cloud gave organisations a different commercial model; predictive analytics and data science started to unlock the potential of the organisation's data; advanced data visualisation techniques enabled it to be communicated to a broader audience. More mainstream DevOps practices were adopted into traditional ETL and business intelligence projects to support agile delivery methods.

Today, our partner and product portfolios reflect these changes. We have built out a dedicated R&D department focused on researching the adoption and incorporation of new and emerging technologies, plus building development frameworks hooks into them.

Catalyst for Change


Onfinitve technology partners with clients to collect, explore, and derive meaning from data to gain insight in a complex world. We are specialists in Oracle BI, Data Warehousing and Performance Analytics, offering consulting, training and support to customers across the globe. Our innovative
and industry-recognized experts build long-term relationships with clients because we value maximizing our clients’ investment in BI technologies.
The result is that while we still strive to be a global leader in data and analytics, now we cover a broader set of technologies. Couple that with our years' experience of successfully delivering solutions in this industry, and we feel we are uniquely placed to provide hybrid solutions across a full breadth of enterprise and open source technologies.

Thought Leadership


We strongly believe in acquiring and sharing knowledge. We seek to work with organizations to demystify the processes behind analytics, business intelligence, and data. Onfinitve technology has its own R&D department and strong links with our vendor product managers. We dedicate time to pushing the boundaries of the tools and approaches we use. Equally important to us is sharing our findings through our blog and public presentations at industry conferences.

A Partner You Can Trust


We understand that we are a trusted advisor to our clients and take that position seriously. Your business needs constantly shift, evolve, and grow, and you can rely on Onfinitve technology’s considerable experience to guide you through the complexities of today’s modern business intelligence environment. We believe long-term partnerships allow us to use our extensive knowledge to anticipate your business needs and demystify modern BI, data, and analytics processes.

Delivering Results


We operate under the ethos that the results of the work we do must be customer driven. Having the smartest people working on innovative solutions provides no value if they aren’t solving your real-world business issues. We measure success based on the value gained by our clients from our work.